Friday, February 11, 2011


When we started throwing around the idea of redecorating the family room, we knew that we were going to need something to replace the picture that was hanging between the windows:

We thought that a mirror would be the perfect solution. The problem was that mirrors are so expensive! We needed something that was at least 3 ft x 3 ft. So I decided to check out to see if I could find anything. I found this mirror listed for $50:

When we went to look at it, we asked the girl if she would take $35 and she did. Then we happily took the mirror home. I knew that it would need to be painted since it is a brown color, and doesn't match anything in our house.

I was lucky because even though it looks like wood this mirror is metal. So, no sanding would be involved in the refinishing process. I just took it out to the garage, covered the mirror with newspaper, and spray painted it with THIS spray paint. It is Valspar's Gloss Mediterranean (#65089).Here is a close up of the finished product. I love the can also see some of the new couch pillows in the reflection.

And again here is a picture of the wall where the mirror hangs:

I love the way that it turned out and it is a perfect contrast to the colors of the stenciled wall, and the new white curtains. More updates on the family to come!

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  1. I love the mirror transformation! And can I say again how much I love what you have done with that wall! The stenciling is great!! I hope we will get to see it in person soon!