Friday, February 18, 2011

Family Room Update

Here is a little update on the family room so far. Of course you have seen the stenciled wall, mirror and lamps before, but I wanted to show you want the rest of the room is looking like these days. We kept the ottoman, and the red pillows for a little bit of contrast to the blue. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but this is a big room 20x20, and we have a few more projects that need to be done to make the room feel more complete.

Close up of two of some of the pillows...I am thinking of sewing some ruffles and felt flowers around the center of the white pillow

This is a picture of the hutch that we have behind the couch...we purchased it a few years ago, and refinished it in black. I have been toying with the idea of painting it white (along with the buffet that the TV sits on). I want to add a sitting area against the banister here...remember these chairs? I think that we may put them there.

I know it isn't normal to show a picture of the TV, but here is the buffet that it sits on. I have been thinking about maybe putting a big built in on this wall instead to hold the TV.

Here is a close up of the chaise and some more pillows. I am thinking of sewing some ribbon on the white curtain panels to give them a pop of color...

Looking from the stenciled wall back towards the dinning area

I think that this is my favorite pillow. I love the embroidery. I am going to dress up this plain white pillow as well.

And lastly here is a picture from in from of the TV...

We still need to get a new rug! I love a zebra print one that I saw at Home Fabrics. The current rug that we have in here is 10x16, so we need something big! We also are looking for new side tables. I would love to have them painted white with mirrored tops.

We love the change so far! It is amazing how much lighter a room can feel just from changing curtains...But this is still a work in progress, so I will show you another update when one is ready!

What do you think?

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

Until next time,


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  1. It is looking great! I love that you kept the red, it really does liven it up a bit! So far so good, you guys have done a wonderful job!